Baby daddy gifts.

This is quite a time to start a blog for me. We’re about to close on our very first home (more on that later this week). And I’m 29 weeks pregnant with our first child (more on that later too). With Father’s day around the corner, I’m debating whether or not to purchase a little something for the dad-to-be.

Did you give your partner a baby daddy gift? As I’m debating with myself, I am realizing there are really only a couple of firsts in a relationship. And having your first child is kind of a big one, and so, even though I don’t think it has to be incredibly memorable, I think I want to celebrate the moment. I discovered this quarterly. And I got pretty excited about it. It’s just B (my husband Blair) is a bit of a nerd when it comes to what he reads and where he reads it (meaning which electronic device) – so I’m not sure he’ll like the printed form. But I think it will be too beautifully produced not to like it.

What would you gift? Would you gift at all?

Here are a couple other fun ideas:

Pretty cute for twins.

In regards to being prepared, try this book. (I put it on our registry.)

Maybe a photo mounted on wood for the office? I like these guys.

Nothing says manhood like art.

Could be fun, if your man’s into leather – maybe with a different message though?


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