Today, we are homeowners.

So today, we bought a home! We are officially owners of a quaint, empty Victorian circa 1890. The previous owners have taken exceptional care of their once home, truly making this abode an oldie but goodie. And with it being move-in ready, we are packing up the last of our things in our Boston area rental and heading north.

We are excited to explore our new town, Ipswich, Massachusetts. And with this new town come a beach, a handful of lovely near-by farms, and lots of green space. We couldn’t be more excited!

This is our first home. And so, I know there are things you wish you were told when first moving into a new home. Please share the wealth; I’m all ears.

full house

Our home from across the street.


We have a barn! (Hopefully this will be a guest room soon enough.)


Our very own outdoor space.

Many more stories on house projects, meeting the neighbors and exploring the area to come!


2 thoughts on “Today, we are homeowners.

  1. Adam says:

    Yay!! So excited for you two. We’ll miss you being so close, but we do love driving north, so we’ll be sure to visit often.

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