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Outdoor space.


We’re new to the neighborhood. We’re officially home owners. And we finally have some outdoor space. (A backyard!) I’ve been daydreaming about what to do with it. Here are some of my ideas:

–          We have a “rock garden”. Not really. But it was the keeper of a previous swing set. We don’t have a swing set. Nor do we really want one. And so I’m contemplating turning it into a wild flower garden.  Complete with bistro set, of course. (I’m thinking about using these.)

–          A space for solace. Most likely using these or something like this. (Bonus: we found out we have a tree swing. The chains are in the tree. Just no swing yet.)

–          As many dinners outside as we can manage. Maybe on something like this? Is it really bad to use wood outside? As long as it’s treated, it should be OK, right? At least for a little while…but I love the contrast in that photo of the dark wood and the white.

My inspiration is coming from some of these lovely designs. I’m trying to pull off a bit rustic, but comfortable and inviting. I want to mix materials and add a spalsh of color too. But I’m being incredibly hesitant to purchase anything just yet. Maybe because I’m trying to do it all on a budget. Wish me luck. We may just have to start with the dining set for the patio.

I’ll be sure to show you the finished product when I can.  Any outside decorating tips to pass along?


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