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Moving etiquette.

Is there such a thing anymore? Do you inform friends and family your address has changed in a massive email? On Facebook? Or do you send snail mail? Rifle Paper Co. makes some lovely illustrated cards. Wouldn’t these be fun to send out:


Rifle Paper Co.

But who has the time, right? I still think it’s a nice idea. Maybe it’s worth sending to family? Have you moved recently? What did you do?

While we’re on the subject – I know some people combine big announcement messages. We could certainly combine a baby announcement with a new address note. But I’ve heard that’s taboo in some circles. Maybe I should just steer clear of those circles?

I’m really digging a couple other prints from Rifle too. They do it up right. I’m thinking for the little guy’s room.

Rifle Paper Co.Rifle Paper co.


3 thoughts on “Moving etiquette.

  1. Love the idea of announcing good news as often as possible. Gives both sides (the announcer(s) and announcee(s)) a happy feeling. So I’d say 2 announcements. When we moved back we created 2 versions of our new address announcement – a “We’ve moved” for those we left behind and a “Guess who’s back?” for our new community. Pop! Party Invites ( did ours and they were perfect. Good luck…and love the Rifle print!!

    • Thank you for the perspectives! Much appreciated. I love the idea of announcing good news as often as possible. That’s a very positive, feel good message.

  2. Joan Brower says:

    Definitely wouldn’t put it on Facebook. All of our family and close friends knew (of course). The post office forwards mail for a year. I waited until Christmas and sent info to other friends, etc. in my
    Christmas message. You have the perfect opportunity to create a new member of the family will share our new home announcement. Think of the $ you’ll save 🙂

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