Baby registry.

Are you a fan of registries? It’s an awkward thing to ask for gifts. But wow, is it every appreciated. I feel like at some point in our lives we all have to use them for something. When we were working on our wedding registry, I was super frustrated I couldn’t find a resource to compile multiple brands and products onto one site. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like Crate & Barrel, but my taste does vary from time to time.

Well, now it’s time for a baby registry. And I’m so glad I found Am I late to this party? Or do you not know about this either? Presto – mulitple brands, products and goodies from all over the world wide web placed on one user-friendly, ecommerce site for all to see. Wonderful.


There were a couple things I just couldn’t bring myself to put on the registry.

Like these lovelies for the nursery from Elizabeth Benotti.

Would you ever do this? I did meet the owner briefly. She alone made me want to sign up!


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