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It’s time to move.

Tomorrow is our official move-to-Ipswich date. We’re really quite excited to finally be able to sleep in our new home. For the past two weeks, our life has looked a bit like this:


I’m sure our life will continue to look like this for the next couple weeks. But it’s short lived, And at least we’ll be home.

So, remember when I talked about outdoor space? Some of you have been asking if I made any decisions just yet. And, I have! Most things are still en route, including a pair of these and  these too. We decided to mix it up the chairs with a matching bench and table. I think it’s close to the look I was trying to achieve. And I can’t wait to start eating meals on our patio. I’ll share some pictures of the finished look for sure.

When you moved, what room did you set up first?

Wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “It’s time to move.

  1. Joan Brower says:

    Make your bed first, yes, yes. Take care of bathroom essentials. Put wine in the fridge, oh, oh. Better make it beer for Blair. Order pizza to be delivered. Don’t you over do it! Best of luck—–love you;-)

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