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Everybody has a dream.

Hello! We are officially moved. We are not, however, officially unpacked.

First dinner in the cluttered home.

First dinner in the cluttered home.

But it’s certainly coming together. I have to admit, I like the unpacking part more than I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m with everyone else when I say, you certainly start off overwhelmed. But slowly the clutter goes away. And when it’s all said and done this house you moved into officially becomes a home.

We bought this house because we fell in love with it. We saw our dreams coming alive here. We are aiming to eventually own a small bed & breakfast geared toward the independent and sophisticated traveler. You know the type of person who doesn’t need to be catered too, but appreciates quality and mindful touches. This path started maybe ten years ago with a thought. And it has grown into a love of entertaining, hospitality and a desire to create an atmosphere where people feel at rest, welcome and happy. I did manage a beautiful, incredibly hip inn in Boston’s South End for two years. And although the style is not something I would (nor could) replicate, the experience and relationships were worth their weight in gold.

So how does our dream fit into this? We’re going to turn the below into a room for rent on Airbnb. And you get to come along for the ride. Hope we all enjoy it together. And I hope you stick with me because I’m going to need lots of encouragement. If you want to see what I’m thinking so far, check here.


Have you been nursing a dream over the years? I’d really enjoy hearing about it.


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