Traveling with a baby. Yes.

Traveling as a family of two is much easier than traveling 2+ — or so I hear. B + I have been fortunate enough to have a few big trips under our belts pre little one’s arrival.  We really enjoy exploring and a bit of adventure. We also like comfort. I understand with change comes adjustment, and I know our future holds some big changes. But I am adamant on still being a family that travels.

I’m thinking that means many more stateside trips.  There is so much of this country I haven’t seen. And for some reason, I am dying to get to Wyoming? (We have a dream of driving across country one summer with the kid/kiddos: a history lesson of sorts. Maybe in one of these?)

But today, I’m dreaming of a family vacation in the UK. A quiet sea-side town, where we can hunker down for a week or two. A place where day trips are just enough to introduce varied local flavor and different vistas. And this new(er) travel review site is certainly making it very easy for me keep dreaming.


Cornwall, UK


Botelet Farm. Liskeard, UK


Watergate Bay Hotel. Cornwall, UK.
{All photos via Triptease.}

Did you travel with your little one (under 1)? Any recommendations?!

Have a lovely weekend, friends.


11 thoughts on “Traveling with a baby. Yes.

  1. Never stop traveling! You need pass on your passion for travel to your children. And it’s really easy when they are little as these sleep most of the time. We started traveling with Maya at 3 months and so happy we did. At age 8 she is a travel guru.

      • isa says:

        I don’t know if this qualifies for bragging rights but Maya already has 76k in star alliance frequent flier miles that are detected and maybe a quarter of that undetected.
        Moral of the story is that she actually knows the height of the eiffel tower, the famous sea glasses of barcelona beach, the city that spreads to two continents and the literally taste of the agean.
        Those by itself should be enough to tell yourself to never stop traveling with your son.
        Also, they turn out to be a good gophers at tsa security points 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    Agreed! We did a weekend away in VT visiting friends. Not a huge trip, but the first trip as a family of three. It was great. There’s a little more planning and a little more packing, but it doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal.

    I day dream about flying the family across the country to buy an old car in California. Pack some tools and some camping gear and slowly drive back east.

    Another great source of inspiration is this blog: They’re a family of three, plus a dog. They have a VW Vanagon and they have some great posts about camping and traveling with a little one.

  3. Janelle says:

    We’re taking our son to Marco Island, FL when he’s about 4 months. Life shouldn’t stop when you have kids, you just make adjustments (more luggage for instance).

  4. B says:

    We’ve travelled with our kids under one. You’re right that you need to adjust your planning – you need to adapt any time you add to your travelling party, no matter what the age. I’ve written up some of our experiences so far (still working on it) and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of other inspiration, too. If you want to do it, it can definitely be done.

  5. Sarah St. Germain says:

    With Emmett under 1, we flew to Florida twice to see family, road-tripped to New Jersey, and a New York City/New Hampshire/Vermont road trip, as well as another New Hampshire visit with friends. We were home the rest of the time because so many friends and family happily wanted to come visit with us! Emmett’s now 14 months old, and for this summer we’ve got lined up trips to Florida, New Hampshire, New York, and Ireland. In the fall/winter we may be heading to California. When he’s a bit older, I also have more remote US travel in mind, in particular, we have a pilgrimage to Jackson Hole that’s been on the back burner…

    • Thanks for sharing, Sarah! I really appreciate hearing how others travel with their little ones. It makes me feel like we can do it too! So I’m not going to stop dreaming up trips.

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