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Do you have rules around when you’re “on” or “off”? Have they changed over the years? I really dislike the way technology dictates certain aspects of one’s life. Although I certainly don’t want to live without it. But I could stand to have less of it.

I thought this summed it up well:

… get inside your technology and make the kinds of choices that only a human being can about how it fits into your life. And if it doesn’t grant you access to the settings you need to make it work for you, then dump it. Because otherwise, you’re working for it.

The idea that we can be working for technology? What’s that about? Technology is supposed to work for us. Period. I’m still learning how to incorporate technology into my life and into the life of my family. I know it’s not as simple as taking a day off. That’s just not practical.  But finding the right balance is certainly a top priority in my book.

You can read the whole article here.

What about you? Could you go a whole day without checking Facebook?

Here are some interesting Saturday Event Post cell phone cartoons going back to 2005!

And, check out some of these stats. Mind boggling.


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