There will be snacks.

snacksLately, I’m feeling hungry ALL THE TIME. This may be because I’m 32 weeks pregnant and my baby boy is supposedly growing like a weed.  I need to get better at having good snacks around.

At the moment I’m loving peaches. But they’re still a bit hit or miss around these parts. And they are not incredibly sustaining. Other favorite snacks of late include granola bars (loving Kashi berry & lemon bars), mixed nuts, leftover dinner from the previous night (which I’m currently eating right now: quinoa salad with feta, sausage & spinach), and of course the sweet treat (cookie or ice cream) every now and then. But it’s not enough! I think I may have to start eating two lunches.

Do you have go-to snacks for the season? I need some inspiration. Or are you more of a take whatever comes my way type snacker?

Recognize the song lyric in the title? It’s from one of my favorites.

And, what a great snack quote?


2 thoughts on “There will be snacks.

  1. Sarah St. Germain says:

    Karen, when I was pregnant I craved lemonade and pineapple and grapefruit and all manner of citrusy palate cleansing things. Perfect time to have grapefruit in salad, or pineapple in stirfry, or lemonade all the livelong day!

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