Baby, Travel

Friday daydreaming.

With all the rain around these parts lately, I’m day dreaming of sun, sun and more sun. Did you have a baby moon before having your first child? Or before any child? I wanted to make sure we had one — just because I thought it was important to have dilerbate, uninterupted time with B before our life becomes a bit … different. I wanted to go here. (Hint: It’s in Italy.)


We didn’t go there. I still want to go there, and it’s especially on my mind today. One day I will. I dream of maybe going there and then heading onto Sicily with my dad for a family roots kind of trip. (My dad’s dad came to America from Sicily, and I’ve always thought it’d be fun to venture there and see what we find.)

My parents are coming up this weekend to see the new house. We also have our Boston baby shower. (NJ shower next weekend.) Should be a nice, but hopefully not too busy weekend. I hope the same for you!

PS We did go on a baby moon. And it was fantastic. It was just a little closer to home (Vermont). We love it there too. This was the view from where we stayed!


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