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Ipswich. It’s been two weeks.


We did not move far, but we moved far enough to make everything seem new. It’s been a good two weeks. Completely overwhelming, but manageable at the same time. We both were affirmed we made the right choice buying this home at different times throughout the last two weeks. But the important part is we were both affirmed! We both were able to take a deep breath, look around and feel good about where we are and what we made the choice to do. This wasn’t just a location change for us. We wanted a bit of a lifestyle change as well. Instead of running to meet friends for drinks, we want to run and meet our friends at the beach! We want to be able to wake up and have the choice to hike, bike, kayak, [insert something outdoorsy and fun here] and only have to walk out our door, or hop on our bike, or drive right down the road. We want to buy our milk from a farm (which we did this week — and in a glass bottle to boot)!

Ipswich. So far so good. Let’s see what else you have to offer. A couple highlights, in case you come and visit anytime soon:

– The 1640 Hart House. We took my parent’s here this past weekend. I’d say a solid 3 stars. Maybe a 3.5, but it’s hardy, rich food. So just be prepared. We sat in the restaurant. They have a tavern side too. I can see Blair and I visiting this place a lot come winter.

The Five Corners Deli. Nothing fancy, but good sandwiches (easily packed for the beach) and free wi-fi. The only thing is they close at 3. But a lot of stores seem to close by 3. That will certainly be an adjustment.

– There’s a Birth to Three Center . They offer parent classes and resources and a bunch of other things for free! Yippee.

– There’s the infamous Riverview Pizza. Pizza only. Full bar. Enough said. One of the first things we do when we move to a new town is spec out a pizza joint. It must be done.

– There are also a various farms, state forests, and kayaking options too!

What’s the first thing you do when you move to a new place?


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