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Family walls.

Do you have a family wall in your house? First off, I’m noticing that these are really quite hard to curate well. But I’m thinking of trying to pull it off going up our stairs from our first to second floor. I see it as an opportunity to tell part of our family story. And to indirectly state our values. And to show off odd family talents – you know, like cross stitch. (Because quite honestly, where else do you put items such as these?)  I’ve seen a few interesting walls, but I must admit, I think I’ll need to find some additional inspiration from within.

green stairs

via Apartment Therapy.

walls of pics

via Apartment Therapy.

family wall

via Pinterest.

photo strips

via Pinterest.

Would you mix and match frames. Or keep it neat and tidy? (I’m a mixer, for sure.) If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them! Or better yet, send pictures!


5 thoughts on “Family walls.

  1. In fact, I’m working on one as we speak. First part is just organizing the pics. Then the assembling. I saw a really cool idea of cutting out craft paper in the sizes of your frames and pinning that up first so you can approve the look before the hammering. And definitely mix and match!

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