Home owner’s manual.

Is there such a thing? There’s so much information on how to buy, when to buy, what to ask during the walk through. But what about the home maintenance manual? Someone should invent this. So many other things come with manuals — cars, appliances, babies — why not homes? Someone could start a career out of asking new homeowners if they’d like a customized manual for their home. Said professional would sit down with the new owners and talk about their aspirations and renovation dreams. Said professional would then walk through the house taking copious notes and pictures and produce a customized manual for the specific house. It could have a basic structure for one, three and five year maintenance projects with the added personal touch of the homeowners dreams. Brilliant. I’d spend money for that. Wouldn’t you?

The point is, there’s a lot to take in after buying a place you call home — especially if it’s your first. B & I find ourselves oscillating between amazement (because we really do love the home) and feelings of utter doom (from being overwhelmed at everything we’d like to attempt). We know this isn’t the only home we’ll live in, but at the same time, we see ourselves as house stewards. It was left in our care. And we want to make sure we maintain what we need to maintain to ensure it stays as quaint and functional as it is today — with some added personal touches of course.

Anyway, it’s not a manual, but here are some sites to help figure out the whole home owner thing:

brightnest. Their mission is to make homeowners happy.

A checklist. It’s from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. But it’s seasonal and has check boxes. Two pluses, if you ask me.

TaskRabbit. Need a task complete, but don’t have the time? See if someone will do it for you on this site.

The Freecycle Network. The idea is to tap into the larger community while saving resources and encouraging gifting.

Or maybe just read this book?

It’s probably best to remember this advice and just go with the flow.


What other resources do you know about that I should know too? Please share!


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