Baby, Home

Nursery art.

I told myself I wasn’t going to do a “theme” for the nursery, and I still don’t really want to go that route. But I do want to put some art on the walls. The debate is: Does it have to be considered “kid” art?  Did you go all nursery for your baby’s room? I’m not quite sure why we have to? Babies can’t see that far anyway, right? And it might be neat to have some art that can be appreciated as a toddler and possibly beyond.

So I’m thinking illustrations. Because they’re visually pleasing and fun to look at.

Maps. Maps can be kind of cool and kid-like. I was thinking of hanging some of these up — the cities B & I have visited and hope to visit again with the little dude one

Or I could collect variations of Boston/Massachusetts art?


Berkshire nightscape


Or just plaster the wall with things we like with the hope we’ll inspire an imaginative mind?

lemon bikeelephantsbearhug

What did you hang on your baby’s walls?


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