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Friday daydreaming.


Today I’m drawn towards making the dream come true. I’ve been daydreaming lately about what it really will be like to own my very own business. To take a leap  and really try this lifestyle on for size.  It won’t be for a little while still, but I can see progress. And that’s exciting!

I’ve learned that I am one who takes things a bit more slowly. This harks back to high school even. I knew when I received the “late bloomer” award for being the most improved player on our field hockey team, it would prove a metaphor for my life. (Not that I’m holding on to that. I just have come to realize that experience taught me something.) It’s that life keeps getting better and better as I figure out what my real strengths and passions are and decide how and when to pursue them.

Happy daydreaming! And happy weekend.

Bonus.  Ever wonder where good ideas come from? Check out Steven Johnson’s Ted Talk on the very topic.


One thought on “Friday daydreaming.

  1. Joan Brower says:

    Love all the ideas mix and match, great idea. I also like having some of the toys out for a time and then switching them around. It’s kind of like when you are shopping or at a restaurant and there are too many choices. If I remember correctly, we had heavy cardboard cut outs of nursery rhyme characters on the walls.

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