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Mixing patterns.

Remember when I posted about finishing these rooms? Well, I’m still working on them, but I think completing any room in a weekend is a bit aggressive, don’t you? I purchased some quilts for our guest beds (two twin beds). They have great colors. But we also have a rug in the room, and while it highlights some of the same colors, there’s something unsettling about not having a nice, clean neutral for the beds. This got me thinking about patterns. Some people are SO BOLD when it comes to mixing and matching. My decorating philosophy to date has been to keep the big things (like walls) neutral and add pops of color. But I think I should go out of my comfort zone here, and explore patterns.

There are people in this world who seem to do it quite well:


via Covet Garden.


via Apartment Therapy


via Apartment Therapy.


via Apartment Therapy.

And bonus: Apartment Therapy recently wrote an article with tips for decorating with pattern.

What kind of decorator are you? Do you mix patterns?


2 thoughts on “Mixing patterns.

  1. I wish I could mix patterns well. They just look cluttered when I do it and my fiance likes simple (how boring!!). Thanks for the post though! These ideas are awesome.

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