Birth plan.

So it’s T minus 9 days to delivery. I know; I know. It’s my first, and so I should be thinking 9 – 19 days to delivery. But regardless, my due date is fast approaching. B & I are getting rather excited. We still don’t have a name though. But we’re OK with that.

I’ve been told different things about whether having a birth plan is a good or bad thing. I’ve been told nothing ever goes according to plan. The hospital we chose asks for birth wishes. I think this is a nice alternative. It’s a list of how you’d like your labor to go, but it’s not as rigid as a plan. It’s more so the midwife, doctor and nurses will know how you want to receive information, what kind of environment you like: Do you want music?, Do you want a loud atmosphere with lots of cheering? Or do you need silence?

All these things are really hard to predict! But we took our best guess: Yes, to music. (B’s controlling the playlist.) And we don’t want silence, but I’m pretty sure I won’t react well to a lot of loud cheering.

One thing I didn’t think of that our doula recommended is to let your team know whether or not you want delayed cord cutting. Coincidentally, I just read an interesting article on the topic.

So much to think about! But at the end of the day, we’ll have a baby boy, and that’s really all that matters to us. Did you have a birth plan? How did that work for you?

Also of interest, the science behind delivering a 13.5 pound baby. (And, no it was not a c-section.)


3 thoughts on “Birth plan.

  1. Joan Brower says:

    I was invited into the delivery room when our youngest grandson (now 15) was born and I saw our son cut the cord. It was one of the most important and memorable days of my life.
    I am so excited for you and hope your plans go as expected.

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