Easy meal making.


I am searching for tips on how to prepare meals faster. I really do enjoy getting home and going right to the kitchen. It’s very much a calming thing for me. I look forward to it. Sometimes if B gets home early, I won’t even talk with him while I cook. But times will be changing for a bit, and I think I may have to be a tad more prepared. B & I had no problem eating at 8:30 or 9 pre-baby. And I’d like to think it won’t change, but I think it might. So far, here’s what I have found. Tips on PRE-PARING-

  • Pomodori Col Riso from Design Sponge  (But can you freeze tomatoes?) This might be easy enough to just make on demand.
  • Italian Wedding Zuppa from Twin Tastes. (I could eat soup on even the hottest day.)
  • Make-ahead salad chart from Kitchn
  • Make a list of your favorite take out restaurants with phone number and hours. Maybe add your favorite dish so someone can order for you? And place in an easy-to-find location.
  • 10 recipes to make over the weekend

Just go for DECADENCE –

  • Order a home chef. Well, you only live once, right? You can find services in your area too.
  • Discovered this New England small business’ twist on a traditional CSA. It’s not a farm per se; they represent multiple farms including meats, cheeses, alcohol and recipes in their deliveries. And it’s year round. Holy moly.



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