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Guest blogger: Tanja.

tanjatanja 3

The other day we met Elizabeth. Today allow me to introduce you to Tanja. She’ll be posting for a bit over at Anywhere & Here too. Grateful me; and lucky you! She has an eye for things relating to truth and beauty. As a freelance art director (among many other things), Tanja brings this lens into her work as well as her life. It’s hard to not be around her and experience it yourself. This is probably one of the multitude of reasons I try to spend lots of time by her side.

While she’s here she’ll be sharing her thoughts on design, what inspires her and a bit on travel. She’s just recently back from Berlin and full on new tidbits and insights from that thriving, hip city.

Thanks for posting Tanja!

PS You should also check out her other business, GiveGive. You can do so here or here.


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