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lighting west elm

From West Elm.

How much do you pay attention to light in the room? Now that I’m home a bit more these days, I’m paying a lot of attention to it. I’m noticing our kitchen, as nice and bright as I think it is, really doesn’t receive as much natural light as I thought it would — especially in the early afternoon. And for the amount of recessed lights we have in our family room and elsewhere, I’m realizing there’s nothing quite like creating a mood with lamps and lights of varying heights and sizes placed around the room — not in the ceiling.

Thanks to my mom and her thoughtfulness to get me magazines while resting up, I’ve discovered some great new resources for purchasing lights! So if you are experiencing the same home challenges as I am right now, perhaps you’ll benefit from this knowledge too?  And of course, if you have other sources or tricks, you have to share, please!

  • CB2 – a good, funky alternative to the parent store.

2 thoughts on “Lighting.

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