On being a mom.

I’ve decided something today. I’m just about one month into this motherhood thing, and of course I don’t have it anywhere near figured out. Nor do I think I ever will. But what I am realizing is that this is a phase of life. I guess I wouldn’t call it a hobby, but just like when you decide to start anything new or take on a challenge or learn a skill, there are always people who have gone before you.

So as I’m processing what it means to be a mom, I’m so glad that there’s such an incredible road paved before me. I am not alone.  I am just in the beginning. And like most beginnings, growth comes slowly. But I’m in good hands, and I’m ready for lots of practice — which will include successes and failures. And I know those I’m surrounding myself with will give me lots of patience and more importantly help! This is going to be a great phase. (I sure hope so…since it lasts a life time!)

Speaking of a wealth of knowledge, have you seen this series on parenting around the world. So inspiring.


3 thoughts on “On being a mom.

  1. It’s the greatest experience you will ever have. Really. So don’t rush it. Try to remember every moment and take as many pictures and videos as you can so you can’t forget. You’ll be great!

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