A night with kitchensurfing.

It’s been a few months or so since I’ve been receiving emails from this site. (I did sign up for them after all.) The best way to describe it? You get access to amazing chefs with certain specialties. You browse; you make contact; a menu is customized and the price is set — tip included! And viola, next thing the chef shows up at your door on the agreed upon date: ingredients and cooking resources in tow.

This sounded too good to be true, and so I decided it was time to do something about it. I reached out to a few friends. Agreement was immediate and a mere 47 emails later, everything was set. There were six of us ready to show up at our friends’ house, whose kitchen just happens to be one of the best entertaining kitchens I’ve ever seen. (Thank you Kerry & Nathan.)

Merriment ensued. And thanks to Mark O’Leary, every bite was pretty much amazing.

Mark O'Leary

Hiramasa Sashimi

Mark O'Leary

Maine shrimp tom kar soup

Mark O'Leary

Squid ink steamed bao with butter poached lobster and shallot


Mark O'Leary

Scallion Ginger Noodles, Korean Chicken Bo Ssam

Mark O'Leary

simple warm chocolate cake with a touch of sesame, miso caramel and a little whipped cream

Yes, we tried to eat it all. No we weren’t successful. And, full disclosure: this was $60/person. And, it’s BYOB. So you save money there too. This is doable people. Book it now! (Available in Boston, New York, LA, Hamptons, Berlin and Chicago). Did I mention the chef cleans up too?

We can’t wait to do it again! I’m not sure I would do this as a date night, but I do like the idea. Especially if you have more than one kid and can’t easily get out of the house. How would you experience Kitchensurfing?

PS The Yellow Table (just discovered this lovely blog) wrote about a KS experience too. Hint: There’s a first time discount offered for The Yellow Table readers.

Photos by Kerry Lynch, Jon Whitney and Blair Morad.


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