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Tiny home.

image from Viralnova.

image from Viralnova.

It’s becoming a pretty sure bet that B & I will eventually make our way further north. Whether that’s Maine or Vermont is still to be determined. And whether it’s permanent or just for the weekends is also to be determined. But we have time. After all, we just moved to the north shores of Boston.

When we finally do get serious about what we want, I am pretty sure it will be some sort of tiny home. I sure hope some of these resources are still around. But then again, I suppose they may just get better and better. Here are some great sites to build tiny homes away from it all. I absolutely love the idea of having a hideaway somewhere. I think I would go bonkers if I lived there all the time, but oh, how wonderful to know you have the option to get away and disappear for a bit.

ESCAPE – your unique, lovely faux-cabin is build in Wisconsin and shipped to wherever you are. There’s an article on it here.

weeHouse – From Alchemy Architects. Pre-fabricated, so not as flexible, but still tiny and quite sleek. Definitely on the modern side.

How about you? Could you live in a 200 square foot space?

PS There’s actually a whole tiny homes movement you can be a part of. Pretty rad.

PPS Thanks Amanda for the heads up re Viralnova.


3 thoughts on “Tiny home.

  1. Adam says:

    I love these smaller houses, for a while I was reading a lot about building a house out of shipping containers, but I like the weehouses better. Not sure if you noticed this, but the weehouse people have links to weehouses you can rent

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