Friday daydreaming.

Friday daydreaming posts are back! And that makes me happy. Today’s daydream: spontaneous travel. Maybe it’s because every time I glance at FB, I see friends having fun abroad? Maybe because spring is finally here and I am craving a new adventure? It’s most likely because I’m a fairly new mother, and the idea of just picking up and going is a bit harder (not impossible) these days. We are home during the week more than we ever have been before. And we’re OK with that; we know it’s a season. But I miss spontaneous travel, even if it was just a late night drive to look at the stars. We used to do that from time to time because B liked to drive so much and well, because we used to have a fun, little car with no roof. Times change!

This weekend we are off for a planned weekend to Philadelphia. It will be great. We’re staying in the city for two nights with a friend flying in from LA. Even though we’ve been a bunch of times, it’s our friend’s first time. So we get to be tourists. We also get to try new restaurants. We’re excited to be going here. Then Sunday, it’s off to celebrate Easter at my parents’ home.


Have you had one? With or without?

We’re all looking forward to it. I hope you have a lovely weekend. May you enjoy a bit of spontaneity.



For fun, how to order a Philly cheesesteak. It’s a bit like this.



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