If I had to buy a wedding dress.

We celebrated three years of marriage not too long ago. We dated for just over four years before we were engaged. It’s funny though, it sometimes feels like we’ve been together so much longer than that. We had a great time planning our wedding. The process was almost more fun than the day — almost.

The dress I discovered was from a Boston based shop known for bridesmaid dresses and a smaller, curated collection of wedding designers.  I only went dress shopping there, actually. And the dress I wound up buying was the first one I tried on. I think it was a great dress for me. BUT, if I had to do it over again, I would hands down, without a doubt buy from Whitney Deal. I have followed her collections for the last couple years. They are simple, lovely and elegant. And I share them with most anyone I know who is getting married and won’t mind one more piece of advice regarding the big day.

Aren’t they lovely?



Lorene dress


How about you? Were you in love with your dress? And, I’m curious, did you ever wear it in it’s original or a re-tailored form again?

PS This is my favorite picture of me in my dress.



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