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On being a family.

I’ve been coming to terms with being a family of three for awhile. (O is almost one.) It took me awhile to come around to the idea that he’s not going anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love the little stinker. But I am quick to say I am not an instant mom. (A mom who seems to have a switch and knows how to be a mom from day zero.)  I wish I could be, but I’m not built that way.  So it took me a bit of time to (1) realize and (2) embrace the facts.

There are SO many other factors that go into this. But regardless I wanted to send a message out there to moms to say it’s OK to ease into family life. There can be lots of joy and laughter as you figure things out and move a bit slower than everything else around you.

What about you? Did you jump in and not look back? Or are you a one-foot-in-at-a-time kind of person too?


Photo taken by Dad. This is Owen’s introduction to falafel. (He loves it.)

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Things aren’t the way they were.

Currently it’s all about saving time. It wasn’t always that way. And it won’t always be that way. But with being new parents and new homeowners, I find it quite amazing what we think we can accomplish in any given weekend. I am one of those kooky people who actually really enjoys stopping at three or four small stores rather than one big store. I like knowing the small business owners in my neighborhood. I want to learn how to grow a vegetable garden, maintain my yard, and spend time shopping for that great accent piece for the guest room.

But at the moment, it’s more about maintenance and about how to maximize time with minimum interruptions. This means one of two things. I do things the way I wouldn’t necessarily like to do them.  Or I go without. Both are good lessons in their own rite. But it still leaves me being crabby pants every now and again.

Any tricks you care to share on how to not let the little things get the best of you?

PS Here are a couple time saving ideas:

Have you heard of TaskRabbit? (I’ve mentioned it before.) It’s not shopping, but it’s definitely a time-saving tool for little jobs around the house. I haven’t used it yet, but I’d like to.

And there are more than a few people in the office who’ve signed up for Stitch Fix. A personal shopping service for the rest of us. I’m still going to hold out a bit longer, but it would certainly help brighten my mood. Clothes shopping doesn’t usually see the light of day on my to-do list.






On being a mom.

I’ve decided something today. I’m just about one month into this motherhood thing, and of course I don’t have it anywhere near figured out. Nor do I think I ever will. But what I am realizing is that this is a phase of life. I guess I wouldn’t call it a hobby, but just like when you decide to start anything new or take on a challenge or learn a skill, there are always people who have gone before you.

So as I’m processing what it means to be a mom, I’m so glad that there’s such an incredible road paved before me. I am not alone.  I am just in the beginning. And like most beginnings, growth comes slowly. But I’m in good hands, and I’m ready for lots of practice — which will include successes and failures. And I know those I’m surrounding myself with will give me lots of patience and more importantly help! This is going to be a great phase. (I sure hope so…since it lasts a life time!)

Speaking of a wealth of knowledge, have you seen this series on parenting around the world. So inspiring.


Meet Owen.


This kid rocks the hair — including on his back, shoulders and ears.

Hello! I hope you enjoyed the last couple weeks and the guest posts from Elizabeth and Tanja. I’m very happy they were able to post such informative and entertaining info. Seriously. I had no idea I’d learn so much.

We’ve been getting to know our son, Owen, over the last couple weeks. And it appears we may have a rather even-keeled boy on our hands. Don’t get me wrong, he sure knows how to use his lungs, but he’s one for taking it all in and making sure everything’s to his liking. We’re ok with that. And we’re so happy to have him in the family. I promise I won’t share too much, but I do look forward to sharing some tidbits as we adjust to being a family of three — including birth story highlights and things Owen’s already taught me. Thanks for following. Have a fantastic weekend!


Not sure what to make of sock monkey just yet.


Birth plan.

So it’s T minus 9 days to delivery. I know; I know. It’s my first, and so I should be thinking 9 – 19 days to delivery. But regardless, my due date is fast approaching. B & I are getting rather excited. We still don’t have a name though. But we’re OK with that.

I’ve been told different things about whether having a birth plan is a good or bad thing. I’ve been told nothing ever goes according to plan. The hospital we chose asks for birth wishes. I think this is a nice alternative. It’s a list of how you’d like your labor to go, but it’s not as rigid as a plan. It’s more so the midwife, doctor and nurses will know how you want to receive information, what kind of environment you like: Do you want music?, Do you want a loud atmosphere with lots of cheering? Or do you need silence?

All these things are really hard to predict! But we took our best guess: Yes, to music. (B’s controlling the playlist.) And we don’t want silence, but I’m pretty sure I won’t react well to a lot of loud cheering.

One thing I didn’t think of that our doula recommended is to let your team know whether or not you want delayed cord cutting. Coincidentally, I just read an interesting article on the topic.

So much to think about! But at the end of the day, we’ll have a baby boy, and that’s really all that matters to us. Did you have a birth plan? How did that work for you?

Also of interest, the science behind delivering a 13.5 pound baby. (And, no it was not a c-section.)

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Nursery art.

I told myself I wasn’t going to do a “theme” for the nursery, and I still don’t really want to go that route. But I do want to put some art on the walls. The debate is: Does it have to be considered “kid” art?  Did you go all nursery for your baby’s room? I’m not quite sure why we have to? Babies can’t see that far anyway, right? And it might be neat to have some art that can be appreciated as a toddler and possibly beyond.

So I’m thinking illustrations. Because they’re visually pleasing and fun to look at.

Maps. Maps can be kind of cool and kid-like. I was thinking of hanging some of these up — the cities B & I have visited and hope to visit again with the little dude one

Or I could collect variations of Boston/Massachusetts art?


Berkshire nightscape


Or just plaster the wall with things we like with the hope we’ll inspire an imaginative mind?

lemon bikeelephantsbearhug

What did you hang on your baby’s walls?


This baby-to-be is one fortunate little soul.

I’m feeling rather fortunate these past couple weeks. Fortunate to have a healthy baby humming (and kicking and punching) along. And fortunate for everything we’ve had the opportunity to experience along the way so far. I know there is so much more goodness to come, but I have to take a moment to say I am so thankful for having family and friends who truly have showered us with gifts — new and gently used, advice and incredible amounts of affirmation and encouragement. I think it’s safe to say that most everything in our nursery will be from someone else. And we couldn’t be more excited to piece it all together. We are so very happy to have so many people share in our joy and express their excitement and love for this little one we haven’t even named yet!

Here are a just a few snapshots from this weekend’s shindig.


We were thrown more of a baby party than a baby shower. Everyone was told to bring an outfit and a book and B & I had to guess who brought what. It was a fun way to incorporate a game. I was actually rather horrible at it. Blair was much better — half his guesses were spot on the first time. It was a lovely evening.