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Rustic pathways.

This title could mean so many things. But today, it’s about a company pioneering travel and service projects with a focus on providing unique and real-world educational  experiences. (Think interviewing elders in Laos.) Also, they have Gap Year programs. How cool is that?

Blair and I both dream about traveling across the country on “educational vacations” with our son. We’d, of course, travel in something like this. But I think we should add a Rustic Pathways experience to the dream list. And so, today I created a new Pinterest board, “Future adventures with Owen“. You know, just in case.

Do you keep a list of future activities for yourself or your family? How often to you add/update it?

PS A family of 5 and a cat traveling the country in a Airstream


Design, Inspiration

Designer gifts.

I’m not talking about name brand designers — at least not the big, corporate name brand designers. I’m starting a Board for designers whose wares are all-around lovely and interesting to me. And I thought they may be interesting to you too. So follow if you’d like.

These designers have good stories. And they produce some killer product. Great for self or gift purchase. I’ll be adding to the list of course. Feel free to provide recommendations. I’d love to know where you turn.  There’s so much greatness out there, one can’t possibly capture it all.

Click my buy here. board to check out what I’ve got so far. A small smattering of things you’ll find are shown below.

clutchmoccasinknife boardnapkin